Conical screw mixer

When you want to mix segregative, free-flowing powders and pastes that require perfect mixing quality and accuracy but require careful treatment, a conical screw mixer is a proven solution.

Gently mixing with perfect accuracy

The Vrieco-Nauta® conical screw mixer from Hosokawa Micron is a convective mixer with high mixing efficiency and accuracy for large volumes of up to 100.000 liters, specially designed for segregative, free-flowing powders and pastes. The conical vessel design allows a wide range of filling capacities and the mass flow characteristic design minimizes segregation upon discharge. Because there are no horizontal internal surfaces, products are completely discharged, minimizing product loss and providing for easy cleaning. Suitable for a wide range of processing activities in the pharmaceutical, food, plastic, metals & minerals, nuclear, chemical, pigments and coatings industries.


  • Very gentle mixing action with low horsepower consumption
  • Perfect mixing quality and accuracy
  • Constant mixing quality in charges from 10 to 100%
  • Fast and full discharge with bottom discharge valve
  • ATEX approved