Combined wraparound and shrink-wrap packer

With a combined system you can help free up valuable real-estate, optimize your packing processes, reduce running costs, and increase your capacity. And all with the additional benefits of proven reliability, efficiency and a high level of automation.

Variable pack configuration on the same packaging line

The Gemini range from OCME combines the functions of shrink-wrap packers with those of wraparound packers to provide a flexible system with the capacity to supply various pack configurations on the same packaging line. With the Gemini machines, 4 main pack types may be processed; loose containers or multipacks in wraparound cardboard, trays with or without film, and multipacks (in bundles or cardboard) in film only packs.


  • Wraparound packer with the function of a shrink-wrap packer
  • Convenient processing with two models to choose from, the Gemini S 40 and Gemini S 60
  • Handles four pack types
  • You only need one packaging line
  • Fast, efficient and extremely flexible