Self-cleaning candle filtration system

Separating solids from liquids by filtration requires frequent cleaning or replacement of the filter medium during maintenance to keep an optimum volume flow rate and effective separation. By using a self-cleaning filter unit that can effectively remove solids from the filter medium, maintenance is kept to a minimum, and the operating life of the filter is prolonged.

Dry and remove solids in filter media using rapid counter-current flow and pressure

The FUNDABAC, from Dr. Mueller, is a self-cleaning filtration system for various industrial applications such as chemicals, minerals, and pharmaceuticals. The system is equipped with a cloverleaf-shaped candle filter element where the solids from the process fluid are collected on the surface of the filter medium and form a cake. The filter element consists of six outer tubes and a central tube. The filtrate goes downwards through the six external tubes before rising through the central tube and out of the filter.

The system has a patented heel volume filtration where the remaining unfiltered fluids at the bottom of the vessel are pumped back to the top. From there, they are sprayed evenly inside the vessel through a nozzle while applying pressure to ensure maximum filtration. The system also features cake washing after filtration, spraying a wash liquid on the filter element.

Cakes around the filter media can be dried by forcing gas through the heel volume filtration until the remaining liquid is displaced. Removing the dried cake can be done by using pressurized gas such as steam or nitrogen in the reverse process flow, or counter-current flow, of filtration. This allows the filter medium to expand and the cakes to crack and fall when the maximum deflection of the filter medium is reached. The cakes can be collected at the bottom flange of the vessel. All these self-cleaning features are done within the closed filter vessel, lessening the chance of contamination.


  • Patented heel volume filtration system allows maximum filtration of fluids
  • Self-cleaning feature means less downtime for maintenance
  • Wash-phase spraying of cake uses less wash liquid than conventional washing
  • Fully enclosed system, no contact from the operator or external debris
  • Unique concave-convex candle element design (cloverleaf shape)