Cabinet dryer for cannabis

If you need careful drying for products like pharmaceutical-grade cannabis buds then traditional systems that are gentle enough can take far too long, and their exhaust systems can consume too much energy. New technology allows for a far better drying solution for cannabis buds and other delicate products in a quicker time at a reduced cost.

Improved low temperature, short duration cabinet dryer for cannabis buds

The Harter heat pump-based condensation drying system is ideal for rapid yet gentle drying of cannabis buds and other delicate products. Custom-built stainless steel cabinet solutions can be made to fit your production needs exactly.

The Harter system offers water extraction rates of up to 32 liters per hour. The system dries the product at temperatures below 30 degrees C for only 24 hours, resulting in a perfectly dried product with no adverse effects that can be caused by more aggressive methods, and in a much quicker time.

The system is fully automatic and uses multiple controlled fans for optimum airflow, and the exhaust stage includes filtering down to 0.4 microns. The whole process is automatically controlled by the Airgenix Dehumidification Module which controls the whole environment inside the drying modules for optimum results.

If buds are not to be processed straight away but transported, being too dry will cause crumbling. An optional rehumidification unit can therefore be activated when required to increase the moisture only on the surface of the buds to protect them for transportation without compromising the complete dryness of the centre.



  • Bespoke solution for rapid yet gentle drying of pharmaceutical cannabis buds from Harter
  • Dries to under 8% residual moisture in 24 hours in temperatures below 30C
  • Optional rehumidification to protect delicate outer part of buds for transport
  • Save time and money with rapid drying and less energy use

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