Blow off system for containers

Packaging powders into plastic or glass containers often leaves a residue that needs to be removed before additional processes like labeling, printing or packing can occur. A dedicated powder removal system that overcomes static cling will reduce your operating costs and minimize the line space needed for effective powder removal.

Ionised air knife solution for powder removal

The PowderJet from Jetair Technologies is a purpose-designed blow-off unit for powders and similar granular debris that uses ionised air for maximum performance.

Unlike traditional compressed air solutions, the PowderJet uses extremely efficient direct drive blowers. These produce clean, filtered, oil-free ionised air using 70% less energy than compressed air.

The ionisation of the air stream eliminates static and the associated cling, allowing every particle to be blown from all parts of the container. Each PowderJet features air knife systems that are custom-designed to your exact needs, ensuring every part of your packaging is thoroughly cleaned and ready for downstream processes.

Designed to drop into your existing line, the PowderJet takes up only 1.5m of line length and is available with a range of options including HEPA filtration, container hold downs, Clean in Place system and network integration via Ethernet, Profibus or DeviceNet.


  • Reduce running costs by up to 70%
  • Ionised air eliminates static cling for maximum debris removal
  • Fully enclosed system with vacuum prevents contamination
  • Spaces-saving form-factor
  • Custom-designed air knives ensure full 3D cleaning