Biocompatible tubing for peristaltic pumps

Sensitive bioprocess applications requires equipment that will not interfere with the chemical and biological processes being carried out.  At the same time, production bioprocesses, in particular those that involve peristaltic pumping, require robust tubing not prone to wear or mechanical failures.  Traditional transfer tubing for these more rigorous ans sensitive bioprocesses often proves inadequate.

A robust biocompatible tube designed for longevity in production peristaltic pumping applications

JM BioConnect is known for certified top of industry quality and customer service including very short lead times.  The company offers tubing solutions specifically designed for use in peristaltic pumps in bioprocess production environments. The tubes are of the PharMed BPT brand and are completely bio-compatible and less permeable to gasses and vapors than traditional silicone tubes.  This makes the PharMed BPT tubes ideal for protecting sensitive biological processes like cell culture, fermentation, separation, synthesis, and purification.  At the same time, they have been formulated for enhanced flex and wear characteristics allowing trouble free used in peristaltic pumping applications.  The combination of these qualities increases the efficiency of the bio-production process by reducing down time from tubing failure without making any sacrifices in bio compatibility.


  • Sizes available with 6,9, and 12 mm ID
  • Reduces downtime from pump and tubing failure
  • Less prone to erosion with age meaning less downstream filter loading
  • Fully biocompatible
  • Robust and highly flexible construction make this the ideal tube for use in peristaltic pumps