Bellows for pharmaceutical powders

Thermal and mechanical changes can lead to stresses in industrial piping systems. These stresses can be transferred to components causing misalignment and leakages. They may also cause inaccuracies in weighing and other sensitive measurements.

Connect chutes and process equipment without pipe stress

Andocksysteme offers a wide range of compensators and bellows to eliminate misalignment and stress-related issues. These components provide a reliable, stress-free connection between transfer chutes and process equipment with strict weighing requirements. They are ideal for transfer of powders in the pharmaceutical industry. A complete range of injection mold tooling allows Andocksysteme to produce compensators and bellows in the desired length and thickness.

The internal diameter of the compensator is matched to the diameter of the process-chute to eliminate difficult to clean crevices or ledges and allow effective WIP/CIP. Andocksysteme bellows and compensators offer a range of material hardness and connection standards. Material choices include FDA compliant white and black EPDM, Viton, silicone (on request) and FFKM / FFPM elastomers for particularly aggressive duties.


  • Stress-free system tolerant to thermal expansion, vibration etc.
  • Allows accurate weighing in sensitive applications
  • FDA compliant materials
  • Eliminate difficult to clean crevices improving product quality
  • Works well with WIP/CIP systems for effective cleaning

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