Automatic washing machine for ampoules

Automatic washing machine designed for cleaning ampoules and achieving a maximum output of approximately 24,000 per hour.

Convenient automatic washing machines for ampoules’ cleaning.

The Romaco Macofar WM 8000 series of Automatic washing machine operates on the intermittent motion principle. High performance and flexibility are the underlying features of this balcony design machine. The high-performance transport system ensures precise and smooth handling of cylindrical containers including those of unstable design. Flexible, programmable washing cycles enable a thorough cleaning process that is easy to validate. WM washing machines can be easily integrated into a variety of production lines, such as Romaco Macofar aseptic filling lines for powders and liquids.

This Automatic washing machine for ampoules, has a weight of 2400 kg and output speed of 12000 to 24000 per hour depending on the machine configuration.


  • Works with up to four different fluids
  • Output of up to 24,000 per hour
  • Ampoules cleaned on both the inside and outside by coaxial nozzles that allow a combination of water and air
  • Washing cycle program is highly flexible and customizable
  • Equipped with transport grippers