Automatic capsule filler

Capsule filling should be a worry-step in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing.  The right equipment is capable of fully automatic operation, includes accurate dose control, is easily changed over between products, and includes supporting accessories for smooth integration with other processes.  A high quality capsule filler will give plant managers peace of mind and allow them to focus on improving other aspects of their operation.

A complete, automatic encapsulation solution

The AF series from ACG-Pam is a production scale capsule filler line that is currently running in over 1000 production facilities throughout the world.  The AF series of machines is built for regulatory compliance, revenue optimization, and flexibility giving pharmaceutical manufacturers the features they demand such as formulation and dosing control, minimal product loss, a wide range of peripheral equipment, and globally available support.

The automatic capsule fillers can output from 6,000 to 200,000 capsules per hour and can handle powder, microtablet, and pellet, and capsule-in-capsule filling.  They include ACG-Pam’s patented ZRO technology which reduces dusting and product loss during operation as well as other features designed for revenue optimization and machine efficiency.  The AF series machines in production have handled over 3,000 different formulations and ACG-Pam’s support personnel have developed the expertise and knowledge based needed to tailor an encapsulation solution for even the most difficult formulations.


  • Fully automatic capsule filling with dose control
  • Single format part allowing experiments with up to four capsule sizes
  • Easy and quick changeover
  • Fills powder/pellets/tablets/micro-tablets/capsule-in-capsule and other combinations
  • ZRO technology minimizes dusting and minimizes product loss