Automatic blister sealing machine for retail products

Blister packages for retail are usually designed with a paperboard card, while the product itself is held in place by the plastic ‘blister.’ These packages are excellent at showcasing products and protecting them from damage. However, with such a wide range of retail products, it is important to find a blister sealing machine that can easily change the format for sealing different types of trays.

Safely manufactures face-seal blisters and trapped blisters

Innovatively designed by Hamer Pack, the HC63 integrates all necessary blister sealing operations, including loading of the product, bubble feed, and expulsion of the finished package. Suitable for the production of long and medium runs, the modular and flexible design of the model boasts a cycle time of up to 14 cycles/minute. It is ideal for use in numerous sectors, including hardware supplies, office supplies, toys, home decor, personal care, and batteries.

HC63 features automatic carton feeding and automatic blister feeding, which increases productivity and ensures operator safety. Furthermore, its pallets can be quickly changed without the use of tools, thus minimizing downtime. Lastly, the model is touch-screen controlled and PLC operated to ensure ease of use.



  • Quick change tooling speeds production time
  • In compliance with all EU safety rules
  • Flexible design is able to meet individual product requirements
  • an integrate a thermoforming station to allow on-line blister feeding