Ampoule filling machine

Filling ampoules or vials with parenteral fluids are an essential matter for which you need to consider the highest levels of safety and reliability in the process.

Customisable Ampoule filling machine with the highest filling accuracy

Rota’s filling machines allow the filling from small scale batches to mass production with optimal performance range. Filling can be done for the ampoules and vials that are from 0.2 ml to 30 ml and can afford up to 24.000 per hour.

Ampoules are the perfect containers to store parenteral fluids and their filling demands rigidly controlled sterile conditions. Rota’s own rotary pumps guarantee high filling accuracy in continuous operation without re-adjustment. This Ampoule filling machine comes with an easy to handle approach when looking to clean and sterilise the filling system, whether manually or with automatic CIP/SIP systems.


  • Adheres to the highest safety levels
  • Renown process reliability
  • Easy and quick change-over
  • Customizable to your specific needs