Air knife drying system for containers

In food or beverage production where a product is filled into jars, there is often residual moisture or debris remaining after filling and/or cooking. This can present a challenge to downstream processes like labeling, or cause hygiene issues. A modern air knife system can achieve superior drying in a short time, increasing throughput and line efficiency.

Drying and Blow-off system for glass jars and containers

The JetTunnel from Jetair Technologies is a drying solution developed specifically for consumer packaged goods. It uses high-speed centrifugal blowers to deliver clean air that quickly and efficiently removes unwanted moisture and debris from different types of jars and containers.

The JetTunnel can be used at any stage in the production process. Use cases include pre-fill air rinsing of jars, and post-fill cleaning and drying of jars before labeling, inspection or secondary packaging processes.

Highly efficient air knives allow extremely fast throughput of up to 120,000 jars per hour via single-line conveyor. JetTunnel can be easily integrated with any existing lines and can handle a wide variety of jar sizes.

The direct drive blowers in JetTunnel can be specified from 3.5kW to 90kW to meet your exact requirements. These efficient units produce clean, oil-free filtered air that is passed to the custom air knives to deliver superior drying. They use 70% less energy than a traditional compressed air supply, reducing operational costs immediately.


  • High-efficiency blowers reduce costs by up to 70
  • Dry up to 120,000 jars per hour
  • Sanitary design for easy cleaning
  • Fits in line with your existing plant
  • Design and function custom-optimized to your exact needs