Advanced anaerobic digestion with external separation

Factories of dairy products, palm and coconut oil, slaughterhouses, and other processing plants face tremendous operating issues in managing wastewater. Post-production wastewater can be very troublesome and requires a robust solution to manage water heavily polluted with fat, oil, grease, and solids.

Converting organic contamination into methane-rich biogas

GWE’s FLOTAMET Anaerobic Digestion System is designed for high Fat, Oils, Gases (FOG), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in waste streams. The FLOTAMET system’s superior FOD and TSS removal efficiencies in increasing biogas production and improving wastewater effluent quality have been confirmed in several industries and different types of hard-to-treat wastewater.

A winning combination of GWE technologies achieves outstanding treatment effects by removing unmatched fat, oil, grease, and solids, simultaneously converting organic contamination into methane-rich biogas.



  • No primary treatment needed due to use of GWE’s ANAMIXTM CSTR anaerobic digester decreases capital costs of the industrial wastewater treatment plant
  • External sludge separation by SUPERFLOT – BIOGAS Dissolved Biogas System maintains high biomass retention within the system
  • No need for expensive granular seed sludge
  • It treats the waste and wastewater streams untreatable by other anaerobic digesters – organic contamination up to 100,000 mg/l COD