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Automated bioreactor sampling systems

Challenges of Manual Sampling

Manual bioreactor sampling and feeding presents a host of challenges and disadvantages. Increased contamination risk is of course a major concern, but there are many other drawbacks to a manual approach:

  • Human intervention is always required, introducing higher labour costs;

  • The risk of process errors is greatly increased compared to automated systems;

  • Lower sample frequency rates;

  • Reduced flexibility due cost-prohibitive nature of 24/7 human resource availability.

Benefits of Automated Sampling Solutions

Thanks to the development of innovative technological solutions, automated sampling can now not only provide enhanced accuracy to monitoring solutions, but also brings tangible cost benefits.

  • Sampling from multiple bioreactor vessels simultaneously which saves time;

  • Delivering to multiple analyzers and fraction collectors, improving efficiency;

  • Enhanced accuracy, enhanced speed and frequency and reduced contamination risk, which all combine to reduce time and save money.

The resulting cost and time savings coupled with a reduction in time-to-market gives a rapid return on investment in automated sampling.

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