Sampling probe suitable for fermenter samples

Accurate, sterile sample collection is vital across a range of biopharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial processes. To eliminate the risk of contaminating either the culture or the sample, specially designed probes developed to withstand fermentation environments can deliver accurate, cell-free samples for monitoring and development.

Risk-free sampling for use with bioreactor side ports

The Flownamics FISP D-Series is a dedicated sampling probe capable of withdrawing sterile, cell-free samples from fermenters and bioreactors with 25mm side ports from lab scale up to production.

At the heart of FISP is a fully sterilizable carrier that’s encompassed by a specially designed micro-porous membrane. This has been designed to cope with the most extreme fermentation environments, and it’s ideal for use with anaerobic and aerobic bacterial cultures, yeasts and fungi, and mammal and insect cells.

With a 0.2 micron filter, FISP’s sterile barrier means zero-risk samples can be taken. Its robust design also means it can easily be used to add media or feeding of cultures. FISP is simple to use and requires no additional operator training. It’s also simple to sterilize and can be used as an autoclave and manual sampling process. FISP is fully compatible with the Seg-Flow range – Flownamics’ automated sampling products.


  • Zero-risk sampling of any size bioreactor or fermentation vessel
  • Aseptic, cell-free sample collection that can be used with automated samplers
  • Compatible with CIP and SIP processes
  • Robust design to withstand harsh fermentation environments
  • High accuracy thanks to small dead volume design

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