How to separate seeds from hemp crop

Hemp seed-based products have become a popular alternative source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. Hemp protein and hemp flour are considered as particularly healthy consumer products. Hemp seeds contain various fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, which are essential nutrients for human health. To harvest hemp seeds from the stem of hemp plants, a threshing solution is required to meet the industrial demand for large quantities.

Threshing of hemp seeds

Seed threshing refers to the process of removing or separating grains and seeds from the husk and chaff (outer layer) of the crop by mechanically loosening the edible part of the plant. Mechanical threshing solution is oftentimes able to handle the hemp plant as a whole or small quantities of buds and umbels. It is important to make sure the final products are not damaged by the moving parts inside the threshing machine.

Cleaning of hemp seeds

After separating hemp seeds from the plant, which is broken into small pieces of sticks and stems, the subsequent step is is to clean the seeds with a screener to remove the unwanted debris and dust. This contributes to better product quality and eliminates risk of contamination. One of the widely used cleaning solutions is air screening, making sure that remaining straws, chaff and broken seeds are separated from good seeds. Check out the below equipment to learn more about seed threshing and cleaning.

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