Air Seed Cleaning Machine

Cleaning of seeds is a vital step when getting the most of your crop. For this you need a specialised machine. Sorting through seeds of different weights and quality slows down the breeding process. The correct separation of material is particularly critical for seed foundation stations; a mismatch in densities of fractions could compromise the profile and value of the end product. The degree of accuracy in the separation stage impacts the entire seed processing line.

Improve the clean quality of your seeds with precision lot separation

The CAM-4220 Laboratory Seed Air Separator distributes seeds by weight and size. Engineered by Seed Processing Holland, the technology uses air ventilation to classify heavy “good” seeds, lighter seeds, and empty seeds and collect each in a separate container.

The system caters to a range of products, from fine seeds such as celery and spinach to large seeds including squash and corn. The CAM-4220 is suitable for vegetable, field crops, and hemp seeds and various other grains. Pre-cleaned seed lots enter a vibrating trough that doubles as a dosing unit and are transferred to the separating cassette. The air in the ventilation chamber lifts the seeds through the anti-static Plexiglas containers according to their body weight, separating them in the process.

This grain cleaning machine uses special anti-static technology to ensure that the seeds and grain do not get stuck in/on the equipment itself. If you are looking for the most accurate seed grain cleaning machine then this is definitely the right piece of equipment for you.


  • Air speed can be individually adjusted for each chamber
  • Handles fine seeds to large seeds
  • Anti-static materials prevent stickiness inside the system
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning and maintenance

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