Seed threshing machine

After threshing seeds from plant material, various cleaning steps still have to be done to ultimately have clean seed. This machine does all of these steps in one process. This makes this machine ideal for breeding stations, plants can also be threshed one by one.

Damage-free threshing of seeds

Manufactured by Seed Processing Holland, STM-350 is a seed thresher that’s suitable for processing stock seed productions and breeding stations. It threshes vegetables seeds, field crops and the hemp seeds out of pods, umbels and buds without damaging them.

Operators need to manually feed the plants into the machine using the inlet table, where the pods and umbels are then broken down into smaller pieces with three polyurethane beaters. Since the beaters are constructed with polyurethane, they’re able to withstand strong forces.

The speed and the distance between the threshing basket and beaters can further be easily adjusted according to specific user requirements. Once the threshed seeds go through the threshing basket, they’re processed on a shaking screen, which sorts the seeds into one overflow and lower fraction. The overflow fraction is emptied into an anti-static bin, while the remaining seeds are moved to the air separator to be separated into heavier and lighter parts.

Once the seeds are separated from the pods or umbels, the good and heavy ones are collected in an anti-static bin. Lastly, STM-350 is designed with numerous clear polycarbonate windows, enabling operators to visually inspect and adjust the process wherever necessary.


  • Compressed air nozzles make chamber cleaning easy
  • Screening, air cleaning, and threshing are integrated into one machine to save labour and time
  • Automatic cleaning system ensures an extremely short changeover time

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