Water treatment for beverage preparation

Water is one of the main ingredients in producing juices and other beverages. If it is not properly treated, it can alter the beverage’s quality and flavor.

Filtering and demineralizing water using reverse osmosis

A Due has several solutions for a complete water treatment system. Starting with the preliminary treatment, A Due provides a filtration system utilizing self-cleaning filters and/or sand filters and/or carbon filters, as well as cartridge filters. Apart from these, A Due offers an ultrafiltration solution called EASY.UF. EASY.UF is a fully automatic pressure-driven separation process and an ultrafiltration system that removes suspended solids, colloids, and most bacteria. This process is used before the water undergoes further treatment, such as reverse osmosis.

For further and final treatment, EASY.RO designed by A Due provides demineralization of the water through reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis can remove more than 90 percent of the dissolved contaminants such as lead, mercury, or calcium.

A Due also provides disinfection processes through water chlorination, UV lamps, or by using EASY.Ozone. EASY.Ozone is a standalone unit that uses ozone dosage for water disinfection to eliminate a wide variety of microbiological agents.


  • Complete water treatment system from preliminary to final treatment
  • Up to 90 percent water recovery
  • High production capacity