Vibrating sieve for liquid solid separation

Many industrial processes require the efficient separation of solids from a slurry mix, including the chemical, agricultural and food processing sectors. Sieves that use fine screens or mesh can be used to effectively remove solid material from liquids, and the most efficient are able to use vibration to keep the sieve material clear of blockages.

Cost effective solids separation with robust construction

With a pedigree of over 20 years, the Virto VLB C Line vibrating sieve series offers reliability and performance in separating liquids and solids across a range of industrial applications.

The vibrating mechanism in the VLB C Line series is designed to keep the sieve net free from residue, and this allows the unit to be kept in constant operation, improving productivity.

Designed and built with an extremely sturdy construction from AISI 304 stainless steel, the VLB C line series is able to produce high centrifugal forces of up to 2,200kg which ensures high performance.

The weight can be adjusted to allow the material to remain on the mesh longer for a more efficient screening. This design approach minimises downtime for cleaning.

The design allows for the rapid removal of rejected material above the net, with further increases performances and lengthens the life of the sieve net.

Models are available in a variety of sizes and with one or two screening decks to meet your needs.


  • Robust construction for long life and increased centrifugal power
  • Wide variety of meshes available in stainless steel, nylon, polyester, polyurethane and high resistance steel to suit your exact requirements
  • High performance electric vibrator motor with full IP65 protection for durability
  • Cost effective straining solution for a range of applications