Vacuum mixer for suspensions

The production of high quality pharmaceuticals often requires mixing of suspensions and similar solutions. A key challenge to overcome is the unwanted incorporation of air to the mix. Air incorporation causes major problems in processing and end-product quality. Air in the product may cause excessive foaming, increased fouling in heat exchangers, and cavitation in homogenizers. A modern vacuum mixing solution can overcome these problems, as well as ensuring efficient operations with longer production hours, lower maintenance costs, and a safe, high-quality end product.

Mobile and fixed vacuum mixing units for pharmaceutical production

The vacuum mixer range from Ipros has been designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, and units are tailor made to suit your exact solution production requirements.

Based on an all-stainless GMP frame design, the vacuum mixer range is available with vessel sizes from as small as 30 litres up to 500 litres in a portable format, and from 500 litres up to 1000 litres in fixed format with forklift supports. This makes the range suitable for all scales of production.

The Ipros vacuum mixer units can run with a vacuum down to -1 bar, and can be specified with heating or cooling elements, and as insulated or non-insulated vessels as your requirements dictate. All vessels can be designed to connect to a wide variety of automated, semi-automated and manual process systems for simple integration.

Perfect for use in the most stringent pharmaceutical production environments, the vacuum mixers have integrated cleanable and sterilisable energy connections, GMP motor and utility housings, and are supplied with an operator panel and software allowing for full process control. These mixers can be used for any ATEX compliant executions.


  • Overcomes unwanted air and foaming of suspensions
  • Fully bespoke build, with a wide range of capacities
  • Mobile solution for vessel capacity under 500 litres
  • Fully stainless GMP construction
  • ATEX compliant

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