Universal mixer and cooker for sauces

Sauce cookers and mixers have traditionally been designed to suit one process. This can mean they are an inefficient choice for multi-recipe production. By installing a modern, fully flexible machine that can handle a wide range of processes you can produce a range of high-quality products more efficiently while maintaining the maximum quality.

Fully-flexible mixer and cooker for a wide range of food products

The MultiMix from Enoop is a highly advanced mixer and cooker unit that has been designed from the outset to be incredibly versatile.

Able to mix, chop, cut, cook, cool, concentrate, emulsify, and perform vacuum deaeration and homogenisation, the MultiMix can handle the widest range of product recipes.

The MultiMix is fitted with a vacuum system, as well as cooling and heating up to 125 celsius, allowing a full range of cooking operations to be formed by the same machine.

For rapid changeover, full clean-in-place system ensures quick and thorough cleaning. The 90-degree tilting bowl and pneumatic dispensing valve make emptying quick and easy.

Full Siemens PLC with touchscreen control allows simple operation. The recipe management system allows step-by-step parameter programming and recipe store and recall. Additionally, HACCP compliant data recording is available.


  • Fast processing allows for high productivity
  • Fully flexible processing for a wide range of product types and recipes, all in one unit
  • Minimal downtime thanks to the CIP system
  • Simple to operate, with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic control
  • Available in sizes from 70 to 250 litre to meet your exact needs