Torsion-resistant shredder

If you are shredding very difficult materials, you may need to choose a special construction to avoid the risk that plastic film or fibers winds themselves around the shaft and block your process.

Even the most difficult material can be shredded without problem

Shredder – DL DuraLine from Hosokawa Alpine are characterized by a heavy, torsion-resistant support construction, knife shafts made from solid and special perforated screens that permit precise determination of the product.

A menu-guided control system permits variable settings to be programmed and operating modes for different materials (as a function of their specific properties) to be stored in memory. The torsion-resistant shredder can reliably shred even the most difficult material without problem.

Because of the positive engagement of the knife blades with respect to the knives on the opposite side, materials such as plastic film or fibers are stripped reliably and cannot wind themselves around the shaft.



  • Minimum cutting clearance brought about by the precise and secure knife fastening system
  • Simple and self-centering fastening of the cutting knives
  • High impact strength brought about by the knife seats milled into the shaft
  • Modular design
  • Self-cooling during rotation

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