Tablet auto coater for lab scale

Many pharmaceutical doses in tablet form require a coating before they are ready for use. These layers can be purely visual, providing a color difference, or may be based around sugars in order to increase palatability. Some coatings also have an active pharmaceutical property or can directly affect the means that the primary dose is released. For use in an R&D situation, a full size coater is inefficient and too large to be viable. Smaller standalone jacketed coating machines offer a much more economical and efficient solution.

Flexible tablet coater with advanced features for the development environment

The Sejong Pharmatech C30JC automatic tablet coater has been designed to meet the needs of lab operations, research and development and small batch production of coated pharmaceutical tablets. Different pans allow for the accurate and uniform coating of as little as 0.4l and up to 6.3l per batch.

The pans for the C30JC are fully perforated and constructed of mirror-finish 316L stainless steel, which minimises any clumping or sticking. Different pan designs allow for different volumes of tablets to achieve the perfect results. The low height of the machine means that removal and replacement of the jacketed pans is simple and only requires one operator using the easy to operate lifting and removal unit supplied.

The built in coating spray unit is easy to set and features an integral measurement scale, making it simple to set the optimum position and angle of the spray head for each pan type.

Rather than relying on steam as found in larger scale coaters, the C30JC uses and efficient electric an electric heat exchanger that is able to run from a single phase supply for convenience.

The touchscreen interface has been designed for simplicity and clarity, and the whole system is fully 21CFR part 11 compliant.

Optional extras include companion stainless steel solution storage tank with heater element and a HEPA filtration system to allow maximum dust extraction or to handle hazardous product.


  • Simple to operate, self-contained and with small form factor ideal for lab environment
  • Jacketed coating pans with one-operator changeover for different load sizes
  • Clear and simple HMI with full 21CFR part 11 compliance
  • Can handle film and sugar coatings