Sterile Filtration System for GMP-grade products

Processing equipment used in industries regulated by GMP must ensure fully-sterile environments and complete CIP systems. This includes filtration units which should reliably separate solids from liquids while keeping them fully enclosed to avoid environmental contamination or operator contact. A self-cleaning hygienic filtration system is necessary to comply with strict regulatory requirements.

Separating solids from liquids using a self-cleaning candle filter

The STERIBAC, from Dr. Mueller, is a fully enclosed hygienic filtration system explicitly designed for industries where GMP must be followed. The system features a fully automated filtration process from filtering of liquids, washing of filter elements, and discharge of solid residues. During filtration, the fluid goes into a pressured chamber where the solids are collected on the outer surface of the filter medium while the filtrate passes through. Then, the filtrate goes into the perforated tubes before going up to a single central tube on the way out of the chamber. The collected solids are washed and dried before subjecting them to a reverse flow gas pressure shock wherein the filter medium expands, and the solids crack and fall to the discharge port.

The system also features patented heel volume filtration, where the unfiltered fluid at the bottom of the chamber is pumped back to the top and sprayed evenly to maximize the recovery of solids and liquids. Another feature is a patented spray washing system that effectively washes the internals of the filter system while using less washing liquid, which saves costs in every washing cycle. There are no mechanical moving parts and agitating devices in the chamber, which helps make CIP a straightforward procedure. The simple modular construction of the filtration elements allows variation in size, volume, and cake thickness in a closed system.


  • SIP/ CIP, easy maintenance
  • Fully enclosed sterile system
  • Patented heel volume filtration allows maximum solid and liquid recovery
  • Fully automated operation from filtering to washing and discharging of solids
  • Available in pre-assembled modules in case each unit is dedicated to a single product