Solid biomass screening and crushing equipment

Biomass fuels come in many forms and often include impurities that can damage equipment and cause process disruptions.  Successful biomass energy conversion operations invest in equipment that reliably removes impurities and processes raw fuel material into more consistent forms suitable for use in modern boilers.

Robust and easy to maintain screening and pre-processing equipment for biomass energy conversion

Raumaster has been working in the wood processing and energy industries in Finland for over 30 years.  The company is a world renowned expert in biomass material handling solutions and offers a line of screens and crushers that prepare your raw biomass fuel before it reaches your boiler.  All raw biomass fuels inevitably contain some impurities such as stones, metal, and oversized particles.  These are removed from your fuel stream by disc screens, gyratory screens, vibratory screens, and air classifiers before they can damage equipment or interrupt the process.  Magnets, metal detectors, and eddy current separators are also used when a high degree of metal contamination is present.  Crushers are available with slowly turning shredding heads or cutting drums with higher rotation speeds depending on the nature of the raw biomass input and the desired particle size for subsequent processing.  The screens, separators, and crushers are combined and implemented in your plant as a complete optimized solution tailored specifically to your raw materials and process.  All equipment is designed for reliable operation with low maintenance costs.  Effort has been made in all equipment designs to give reliable operation and very easy maintenance.


  • Handle tree stumps, logs, recycled wood, and other commercial and industrial wastes in your fuel stream
  • Separate metal, stones, oversized particles, and other contaminants from your fuel stream before exposure to the rest of your equipment
  • All equipment designed for robustness and ease of maintenance
  • Equipment is provided as a complete solution tailored to the specific needs of your process

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