Small scale linear sieve for nuts

Removing dust and grading grains is an important part of producing a high quality chopped or pulverised ingredient. For small scale production, it’s important that a wide range of product can be used on any sieving solution. The use of traditional sieving equipment can be inappropriate in these circumstances as they are often noisy, and they can clog quickly, resulting in inefficient operation and increased downtime.

Linear sieves with near-silent operation and self-cleaning

The Linear Sieve from DSC is the ideal solution for selecting, dedusting and grading previously chopped nuts and other similar ingredients. Available in a range of sizes, the small scale version is able to process up to 50kg of product per hour.

Made from all stainless steel, the linear sieves are certified to emit less than 70 dB in operation, making them particularly suitable for small scale production in limited spaces.

DSC’s sieves incorporate specially designed self-cleaning nets. These allow much longer runs between net cleaning. Even when the nets do require manual cleaning, they can be replaced in a matter of minutes, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

For grading, the linear sieve allows the possibility to separate the product into up to three different grain sizes, and the speed of the sieve is controllable from the simple control panel.


  • Near-silent operation, ideal for small production areas
  • Self-cleaning nets and quick net replacement times maximise uptime
  • All-steel construction for strength and longevity
  • 50kg per hour throughput for entry-level model

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