Single-use powder handling bag

Containers for handling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical powders may be disposable, to avoid cross-contamination with other products. However, they must also be able to resist pin-holing and other accidental damage leading to powder loss. Their design should facilitate easy docking to related equipment enabling efficient transfer of powder.

Disposable Chargebags for Handling Powder Efficiently

Ezi-Dock’s single-use pharma charge bags are not only an ideal solution when it comes to convenience and cost-effective use. They also compete well with rigid containers owing to their special easy-docking rings. Moreover, their robust 2-ply design makes them easier to connect to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical equipment, as well as being an effective defence against pin-holing.

This versatile product is available in a variety of sizes including   2, 5, 10, 15, 25 and 40 litre capacity. It interfaces with a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical equipment, and uses triple clamping rings for secure connections. They are supplied in individual sleeves, packed 25 bags per carton for easy storage and handling.


  • Flat packing in bulk saves on transport and storage
  • Each charge bag is labelled with batch and bag number
  • Wide range of connecting clamps facilitates interfaces
  • High-density polyethylene blanking stoppers available
  • Product can be supplied gamma sterilised as needed