Single-use conductivity sensor

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly making use of single-use conductivity sensors to enhance efficiency, make equipment more versatile for use in a variety of processes, and decrease risk of cross contamination. Today even sensing technology enjoys the convenience and maintenance savings of disposable technology.

Accurate electrolyte conductivity and temperature sensing in a preprogrammed, easy set up, disposable package

Scilog is focused on improving the quality and efficiency of customers’ processes in the biopharmaceutical industry through enhancements and automation of sensing, filtration and other processing needs.  The company’s SciCon system is single use temperature and conductivity sensor that is easy to use, pre-calibrated, and ready for plug-and-play integration into your biopharmaceutical production process.  The sensors are barcoded for traceability, medical grade, and NIST traceable.  For conductivity they are accurate to +/- 2.5 mS of full range with range of 1 uS/cm to 200 mS/cm.  For temperature effective range is 4 -50 C with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 C.  Five sizes are available accommodating flow rates from 1 L/min to 60 L/min.  These sensors are compatible with may commonly used types of sanitization including, NaOH, NaCl, formaldehyde, autoclaving, and gamma irradiation.  Scilog has extensive experience developing single use sensors and these can be found used in a wide variety of biopharmaceutical process equipment.  They can also be integrated with the SciCon monitor for stand-alone monitoring and automated documentation using the SciDoc software package.


  • Low cost, single use sensing
  • Pre-calibrated and ready for plug-and-play use
  • Compatible with most common sanitization processes
  • Electrolyte conductivity sensing from 1 uS/cm to 200 mS/cm
  • All wetted components are free from any animal derived products

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