Single use bioreactor

Single use, micro-bioreactors could be a good solution for replication processes, especially when they eliminate cross contamination and time-consuming cleaning. Moreover, they are small and portable for use in the field. However, it’s important to ensure the design is consistent if using multiple instruments for comparative work.

A Tailor-Made 3D Printed Alternative Micro-Bioreactor

AppliFlex ST disposable reactors from Getinge Applikon are customizable to individual requirements. Moreover, the company 3D prints its tailor-made single-use bioreactors, meaning it can accurately create a perfect clone at any time after completing the first order.

These bioreactors can be stirred, and the user can choose the type and number of impellers, liquid and gas additions, and sparger gas diffusers to create a bioreactor that suits their purpose. They could even design their own impeller and Getinge Applikon will create it.

The AppliFlex ST design caters for both cell culture at 500 millilitre / 3 litre volumes, and 500 millilitre microbial applications. The customisable design allows the user to specify their bioreactor, and therefore optimise the output. The fully removable top plate provides easy access to the product.


  • A bioreactor designed around your needs
  • Single use does away with cross contamination
  • The device is gamma radiated and ready to use
  • 3D printing guarantees identical clones
  • No cleaning needed afterwards