Silo extraction system

Materials without natural flowing properties are difficult to unload, even with the assistance of gravity. Fibrous, wet, powdery and light materials, amongst others, can lead to uneven unload and wastage or blockage. Because of this innovative silo extraction system you can empty even difficult materials more efficiently.

Hydraulic screw-action silo unload system

The Morillon Hydrascrew system uses hydraulic transmission to drive an Archimedean screw. Driven by a directly coupled hydraulic motor, the screw sweeps the cell bottom radius through 360º and ensures extraction of the product on the “first in, first out” principle.

By using hydraulic power rather than electric, the Hydrascrew gives increased reliability and greater low speed torque to handle all material types.

Extraction systems can be customized according to the diameter of the silo (from 2 to 25 meters), and to the complexity of the stored product, giving flow outputs of 20 to 450 m3 per hour.

Morillon booster system for startup means the screw can operate from any position even in full silos thanks to the extra torque delivery. No requirement for specific parking simplifies use and increases efficiency.

Available in a range of configurations to suit all silo types, including conical bottom and in-beam configuration for harsh product environments.


  • Hydraulic power offers high reliability, low maintenance and long life, increasing return on investment
  • Speed regulation with no efficiency loss and no overheating, protecting product and unit
  • Customized screw to suit all silo types
  • Screws are designed specifically for your product type to maximize efficiency of your operation

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