Shrink wrapping machine for PET bottles

During a shrink-wrapping process, a change of reel can slow down the production cycle as manual intervention is required. A system that automatically changes the reel after it has been used to the end, makes it possible to continue working without interruptions, even without an operator present.

Shrink wrap PET bottles while eliminating any waste of film

The Shrink wrapper from Baumer is a highly versatile and configurable shrink-wrapping system fit for most production requirements. Products can be shrink wrapped with film only or a combination of pad and film or tray and film. The system also features a green tech tunnel that helps save energy. Other features include automatic reel changeover for less interruption in production and touch screen panel controls for product packing configuration. Apart from smoother operation, automatic reel change lets you reduce film waste, which is usually generated when the photocells detect the end of the reel. Speeds can also be adjusted and go as much as 200 cycles per minute.


  • Up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional systems
  • Automatic reel changeover
  • Easy and straightforward maintenance operations
  • High production capacity up to 200 cartons per minute
  • Configurable operation from a touch screen panel

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