Serialized labels inspection and printing station

Labels are a key component in pharmaceutical packaging lines as they include a lot of data. Multiple packaging lines require many label print formats to be used with different products. Packaging lines using manual labor use separate stations for printing, inspection and serialization of label reels. But multiple stations increase the product cycle time, reduce productivity and may even jeopardize product quality with human handling. A single automatic workstation integrates all activities of printing, control and serialization of a variety of label reels for multiple products such as ampoules and vials.

Printing, control and serialization of label reels across multiple packaging lines

Trackroll from SEA VISION is a workstation that prints, controls and serializes labels in reels. It is suitable to all production environments and can be easily transported on the production line. It can handle labels applicable to products such as ampoules, vials, cartons and more. The label reels are automatically printed and inspected with variable data and both serialized and non-serialized codes in real time. It is also capable of executing PQV control on pre-printed artworks. Automatic unwinding and rewinding of label reels is performed. Cameras and light unit facilitate inspection of variable data and codes printed on the reels. Powerful software integration with machine PLC ensures removal of any rejected code and transfers only the correct code to the end of process. Printing of offline label reels makes the workstation flexible to be used in several packaging lines.



  • Ergonomic and portable workstation
  • Integrated vision inspection system
  • Offline serialization of primary packaging through multiple packaging lines
  • Cater to a variety of products such as ampoules, vials, cartons and others
  • System compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11

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