Semiautomatic blister sealing machines for medical devices

Mostly used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, blister packaging is ideal for safely sealing medical devices. It is important to keep medical devices sterile until the moment they are used. Thus, it’s essential to use a quality blister sealing machine that ensures safety if the product inside.

Fulfills all requirements needed for the manufacturing of medical packaging!

The HM50, engineered by Hamer Pack, is a specially designed machine for sealing medical devices. With a manual in and out drawer motion, it is PLC controlled and boasts a fast tool changeover system. Its Human-Machine Interface is further user-friendly, making it easier to program the parameters. This equipment is ideal for use in cleanroom class 7.

Moreover, the HM50 has a storage capacity of up to 100 recipes. It features a sealing temperature that can be digitally programmed to 150ºC, while its seal force can be programmed from 0 to 49 kN. Suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and cosmetics and beauty sectors, the model’s four probes further ensure a consistent and uniform temperature.



  • Stainless steel design enhances durability and longevity
  • All parameters can be easily programmed and calibrated
  • Meets all qualification standards set by FDA and GMP
  • PID temperature control and autotuning ensure ease of use
  • Suitable for use in cleanroom class 7