Semi-automatic case packer

Pharmaceutical products require complete traceability throughout the production cycle. For smaller scale or batch production, fully automated packing solutions with serialization features can be expensive and inefficient. A semi-automatic model that can be run by a single operator yet delivers fully automatic aggregation features, is a value-for-money solution for smaller-scale pharmaceuticals packing.

Full-aggregation case packing solution for single-user operation

The Amapacker from Hicof is a semi-automatic case packer that automatically loads cartons or bundles in one or more layers into pre-formed shipping cases placed in position by an operator. One operator can pack up to 150 boxes per minute while all required aggregation processes are performed by the Amapacker machine in the background.

Made in Switzerland, the Amapacker is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum to an IP-67 rated level of dust and moisture protection. It has been designed to be economical, consuming only a small amount of compressed air in operation.

Aggregation is monitored through the large touchscreen HMI, where the output of the 20MP camera and the outcome of the label reading is displayed. The machine is simple enough to be operated following a minimum of training, with no particular expertise required.

Additional features include a hand scanner and built-in label printer for the production of the final shipping label for filled cartons.



  • Automated aggregation solution
  • Single operator use with simple touchscreen controls
  • Swiss build quality for longevity and high performance
  • Hand scanner and label printer provides maximum flexibility
  • Option to pair with end-to-end IT solution enables to link directly to government DB

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