Roller compactor

The roller compactor is used for briquetting larger throughputs. Briquetting is the compression of powders into briquettes between two counter-rotating rollers, and the typical applications for this machine are chemical products, minerals, refractories, charcoal, and metal powder.

Robust briquetting of chemicals, minerals, and metals

Kompaktor MS from Hosokawa Alpine is a robust device used to compress powder to granulate or briquettes. Due to high press forces, the machine base unit is made from carbon steel. Briquetting of chemicals and minerals/metals are the strong points of the Kompaktor MS: production of briquettes out of sponge iron, magnesium oxide, burnt lime, and many other products; dry granulation of salts, NPK fertilizers, torrefied biomasses, charcoal, and many more.

Roll diameters ranging from 300 mm up to 1110 mm cover a broad range of different throughput capacities (0.5– 120 t/h). Several vertical feed screws provide for an ideal product distribution over the roll width at high throughputs. This guarantees a homogenous compression density. Dual gear reducer providing for exactly matching circumferential speed of the rolls.



  • Partitioned rolls made of wear-resistant steel
  • Homogeneous compression density
  • Labyrinth sealing with sealing air
  • Throughput is dependent on the product