Residual liquid inspection system

Inspection system that eliminates the risk of residual liquid, water or left over drink in recycled bottles.

Proven residual liquid inspection system

The LC Residual Liquid Inspection Unit of Miho is a standard feature in bottling plants today. The Miho LC Residual Liquid Inspection Unit detects liquids, water or left over drink with a high degree of accuracy and absolute safety. The Miho LC can also be supplied with a metal detection facility.

These systems have been used for over 20 years in countless practical applications worldwide. It has strong construction and robust sensor technology that is insusceptible to external influences such as moisture and glass fragments.


  • Solidness
  • Adjustment of sensitivity with potentiometer
  • Stopping the conveyor or activating the bottle stopper
  • Installation is also possible in difficult areas due to the small construction

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