Removable GMP compliant connections for tubing

Tubing frameworks can have rough welding joints, corners and sharp angles that are difficult to clean and maintain. Welded frameworks require time and effort to erect and cannot be easily collapsed for shipping or storage.

Build tubing frameworks quickly

ACON from Andocksysteme is a GMP compliant, removable connection for tubing. It can be used to build a tubing framework in all imaginable forms. ACON-connections are water tight and find applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. The clean, aseptic design is ideal for processing units in clean rooms. ACON connections have no angles, corners, welding joints or visual screws and are therefore easy to clean. Tubing frameworks are easy to assemble with ACON connections and minimize shipping and assembly costs.


  • Easy to clean frameworks for aseptic environments
  • Removable connections allow disassembly for compact storage
  • Minimize shipping and assembly costs
  • Quick installation without the need for welding
  • Easily upgrade projects with modular design