Purified water systems

Highly Purified water is used in the preparation of medicinal products where bacterial endotoxins need to be controlled, except where water for injection is required.

Fully compliant water purification in flexible executions

The purified water systems from Telstar Life-Sciences are specially designed to generate purified water in accordance with the International Pharmacopoeia specifications for Purified or Highly Purified water; and in full compliance with cGMP guidelines as per FDA and EMEA, EP, JP and USP requirements.

Offering two flexible outputs:  from 300 to 10,000 L/h with Oasys and from 100 to 10,000 L/h with Genesys. The Genesys system is designed to allow automatic hot water sanitization of the complete unit including the pipework feeding the purified water into the storage vessel, whereas the Oasys system works with chemical sanitization.


  • Fully lockable protective panels and doors for secure and safe operation
  • Designed for simple upgrading of production rate
  • Choice of sophisticated control systems with inbuilt data logging and paperless chart recorder
  • Minimizes waste water
  • Flexible system integration with proven technologies