Powder micro-dosing system

Pharmaceutical powders in metered doses demand maximum filling precision. This is particularly challenging with materials in the micro-gram range. Fine powders may exhibit complex behaviors that develop into a bottleneck in the production line.

High precision multiple powder dosing in the mg range

µPTS from Dec Group is a patented technology offering precision dosing of minimal powder weights at a fast turnover. The PTS technology performs powder dosing from a <1 mg in less than a second and with an accuracy rate reaching 2% RSD. The hopper is designed for powders with challenging flow properties to facilitate the powder transfer process. The system does not have an integrated filter, and it can dose ultra-fine and sticky materials.

The solution employs vacuum technology to transfer the powder to the calibrated chamber. Before dosing, the µPTS automates vial charging, positioning, and taring. The measured dose is then ejected using a piston and weighed ahead of filling. A linear motor may be regulated in a closed loop with a weighing device to change the volume automatically.



  • Compact, hygienic design with no moving parts
  • Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing of powders
  • Capable of dosing powders <1-500 mg
  • Inline monitoring of dose quantity
  • Parallel and multiple dosing possible

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