Powder dosing system

Dosing of powder products must be done in a continuously controlled manner to provide a precise amount of the product in every batch while avoiding the risk of altering the characteristics of the powder due to electrostatic charging.

Precise dosing of powders by volume using calibrated chambers

The PFL Powderflex from Dec, is a powder dosing system capable of moving small and medium quantities of powder at a rate of a few hundred grams per hour up to 200 kg/h. The system can extract powder from any container and convey it to long distances, around 50m or longer, without affecting the characteristics of the powder. It is equipped with two calibrated chambers with a flat filter and controlled through vacuum and pressure by a valve system for consistent volume dosing. The combined effect of vacuum and pressure alternately fills and empties the chambers at a high frequency. The powder volume flow rate can be adjusted by adapting the volume of the chamber or by changing the frequency of the operation. With its simple design, the unit is easy to clean (CIP – Clean-In-Place).


  • Precise conveying and dosing (1%-2%)
  • Long distance conveying (50m and longer)
  • Constant feeding of process equipment (including reactors, dryers, centrifuges, etc.)
  • Adjustable volume flow rate
  • Easy to clean (Clean in place)

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