Plug and play natural gas to hydrogen generator

Hydrogen is an all-purpose element and can be simply defined as energy’s Swiss Army knife. It can be generated without any greenhouse gases, can be combined with a fuel cell to generate electricity without combustion, and is highly flammable, making it an ideal combustion fuel. However, isolating hydrogen from other elements, storing it, and converting it into useful energy takes a lot of energy and money. Currently, hydrogen is supplied by electrolysis and road transportation of liquefied or compressed gas. This can lead to an unreliable hydrogen supply, making the entire process time-consuming and costly.

Save time and money with the hy.GEN natural gas to hydrogen generator

To decrease the costs and ensure a reliable supply of hydrogen, HYGEAR has developed the innovative hy.GEN plug & play natural gas to hydrogen generator.

Hygear’s Hy.GEN® systems use Steam Methane Reforming to convert natural gas to hydrogen. A decentralized hydrogen production system results in a more reliable, cost-effective, and safer alternative to traditional hydrogen supply by electrolyzers and tube trailers. Boasting an incredibly lower environmental impact, the Hy.Gen systems do not need any external fuel gases for steam generation.

Reusing waste heat and waste gases, Hy.GEN has optimized energy efficiency to the highest level. The system features water purification and gas desulphurization, and can thus be connected to the feed water and natural gas lines directly. It’s also designed with Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, which uses the differences in adsorption properties to separate hydrogen from other gaseous species. This makes the system more cost-efficient than conventional gas separation systems.

The Hy.GEN® systems have several different applications, including the flat glass industry, the metal industry, and the chemical industry.


Reducing fossil dependencyThis label marks production technology and processing know-how that can help to move away from fossil dependency and work towards renewable energy sources.
HyGear makes affordable, on-site (bio)hydrogen accessible and takes the lead in both hydrogen generation with a low or carbon-negative footprint and in the supply of sustainable gas


  • Ensures a constant and reliable hydrogen supply
  • Energy-efficient design saves money
  • Safer and more environment-friendly than tube trailers
  • Avoids catalyst deactivation and enhances longevity

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