Pharmaceutical granulator

Pharmaceutical granulators are often used with active substance mixtures to be processed into granulates, a process also known as compaction.

Dry granulation of pharmaceutical powders

With the Pharmapaktor® Serie (Pharmapaktors series L, K, and C 250) from Hosokawa Alpine, active substance mixtures are processed into granulate.

For this, the powder is first pressed into flakes/pellets. These are often crushed with a Flake Crusher into granulate.

Compaction (dry granulation) is understood to be the compression of powder between two synchronized, counter-rotating rollers. The powder is fed to the counter-rotating rollers in a regulated manner. Here, adhesive forces between the product particles are created under high pressure between the rollers.

For capsule or sachet filling the granulate must be de-dusted in a screening machine. The sieved fines can then be directly fed to the Pharmapaktor again


  • Good product adaptation using different rollers and feed screws
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic press forces

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