Pelleting line for manure fertilizer

Manure fertilizer needs to be made marketable by making them visually attractive, with high level of hygiene frequently required for export. A full processing line can provide a cost-efficient, start-to-end solution to form pellets, which are uniform with smooth surface and high stability of the granulate, ready for transporting.

Reliable, standardised system focused on processing poultry manure

Dorset’s Pelleting line is a fully equipped standardised pelleting line, dedicated for volumes of 400 Kg/H or 800 Kg/H. It is a full processing line, mounted on a steel platform. It includes all the parts required for pelleting dry poultry manure: a crusher, dosing system, pellet press, dust sieve, cyclone, sanitation and a cooling system.

Most wastewater treatment plants processing slurry use techniques that result in waste streams which by itself have little or no value and are difficult to process further. However, this pelleting line for manure fertilizer combines these substances for effective and configurable production of green chemical fertilizer. This results in a customer specific supply of fertilizer to the end-user.


  • Can deliver the full package including the required engineering work, service afterwards, storage etc.
  • Energy efficient and sustainable solution
  • Produces green chemical fertilizers