Pellet snacks frying line

Pellet-style snacks represent a broad food sector category. They are consumed worldwide and vary according to the market – popular types include prawn crackers, puffed cheese, pork rinds, and bugles, to name a few. Under the right frying conditions, these snacks expand and acquire the crispy texture that makes them such popular nibbles. However, transferring the snack through the frying line is a delicate process that could compromise the final product.

Transfer fried pellet snacks gently through the production cycle

The PP deep fryer from Kuipers combines an efficient transportation system designed for pellet-style snacks. The deep fryer uses gentle heat transfer technology to ensure consistent cooking to preserve the desired flavor and texture as the pieces move to the next production stage.

In addition, a dirt removal system at the pre-frying stage maintains oil quality for longer. The automatic PP system is fully controlled via PLC and handles production of 50 kilograms per hour output to 1,000 kilograms per hour output.


  • Lowest frying oil turnover time
  • Gentle heat transfer
  • Low frying oil turnover time
  • Pre-fry dirt removal
  • 50-1000 kg/h output