Pallet changer floor level

For transferring goods from wooden pallets to plastic pallets, or vice-versa, this Pallet changer floor level will be a great acquisition.

Efficient stationary solution for the inversion of loads and change pallets

The Floor Level Inverter from Toppy is a stationary pallet inverter that turns loads and exchange pallets on loads of maximum weight of 1500 kg and maximum height of 2200 mm.

The turning of the pallet is accomplished with: 90° rotation for steady loads (i.e. boxes) and 180° rotation for unsteady and (not) fragile loads (i.e. cruets and bottles).

The pallet inverter allows the transfer of a product to pallet or slip sheet, damaged pallet exchange and damaged carton replacement. It also enables damaged product recovery from the bottom of stack.


  • 180° inverting and self-contained power pack
  • Side stabilizer plate to prevent loose item from falling during turning
  • Safety fence and adjustable relief valve
  • Fork pockets for easy relocation
  • Level control