Optical sorter for dried and frozen fruits

Dried fruits, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables and nuts present a challenge for manual quality sorting processes. Not only do operatives require cold-store PPE in manual systems, but the small size of the produce requires higher numbers of pickers in order to capture defects, slowing down maximum throughput. A dedicated optical sorting solution designed specifically for these items can massively reduce staffing costs and increase line efficiency while at the same time increasing product quality.

Free-fall dodeca-chromatic optical sorter for dried and frozen fruits and vegetables

The Dryce system from Raytec has been specifically engineered to provide superior quality sorting of dried and frozen fruit and vegetables.

Using a free-fall double side view system, the Dryce ensures inspection of 100% of product surface area. Its dodeca-chromatic vision system employs NIR (Near InfraRed) technology and visible colour analysis. Additional technologies built-in include chlorophyll, translucency and shape analysis. It can detect rotten product and foreign bodies, even if of the same colour as acceptable product.

Stem analysis allows for the rejection of stalks, stems, wires or any other thin object in the product stream, further enhancing final quality.

Dryce is available in two formats – one with 600 mm vision width and 96 ejection valves, the other with 1200 mm vision width and 192 rejection valves. Both models are available with a 3 way rejection system which allows the machines to distinguish between unacceptable defects and those which represent second quality, reducing wastage.

The ultraclean design principles used means hygienic maintenance is quick and easy, and the machine is built with robust construction that minimizes downtime and allows for continual 3-shift working.

Operation and setup is straightforward thanks to user-friendly software and HMI.


  • Can save up to 100% of labour costs compared to manual sorting
  • Continual working thanks to robust and low-maintenance design
  • Optional 3-way rejection system to allow for secondary grading, reducing wastage
  • Can detect defects and foreign objects even when the same color as good product
  • Ultra-clean design means simple and quick to maintain hygiene