Non-tilting pallet changer

Stable vertical lifting of the load from the pallet to enable EPAL or industrial pallet exchange.

Exchange fully loaded pallets without inverting or turning the loads

Non-tilting pallet changers or Toppy four finger will work with EPAL pallets (800 x 1200 mm) or industrial pallets (1000 x 1200 mm). The pallets used for this system are required to meet all EC rules and regulations.

The palletized load is placed onto the lift platform from the side, either through a conveyor system or forklift. Once the pallet is placed onto the platform, four forks (fingers) are inserted automatically through the open slots of the pallet under the material load. Two rubber side plates gently close to help stabilize the load and reduce the weight that the forks need to support. The pressure of the plates adjusts automatically and does not damage the load. The pallet is lowered, allowing the forks and plates to support the load. Either using a forklift or a conveyor system, the pallet is removed and replaced. The new pallet on the lift platform is then introduced under the load and the forks are removed.


  • Continuous working cycle of up to 70 pallets / hour
  • The capacity of this pallet changer is 1200 kg
  • Maximum height of load to be exchanged is 2500 mm (pallet included)