Mobile pallet turner

Turning your pallet may allow for more effective pallet changing than the conventional lifting and grabbing solutions.

No need to apply pressure, change your pallets by turning your load

The Toppy Pharma Advance is a pallet changer. It changes pallet via turning of load. There is no need to apply much pressure to the load because it uses a special system that is able to replace simply, quickly and safely. This changer has a touch screen display which is responsible for running any operation. The Toppy Pharma Advance is capable of lifting and turning loads with a maximum weight of 1000kg with pallet size up to 800x1200mm or 1000x1200mm in pallet DIN. The load can be as tall as 1550mm given that pallet is included.

Like other Toppy equipments, the Toppy Pharma Advance complies with the strictest European and American rules and is finished with special attention to GMPs, with smooth surface and beveled shape. They are provided with a touch screen display that is responsible for any peration by a single touch.


  • Can lift up to 1000 kg of load
  • The maximum height of load can be 1550 mm (pallet included)
  • Pallet replacement can take place in a simple, quick and safe way
  • Assure the utmost hygiene and cleanliness

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