Mobile pallet changer without turning

If you are looking to change the pallet without turning the load, through a lateral pressure of the product, this mobile pallet changer will be your top choice.

Pallet changer with no height limitation

The Side Press from Toppy is a mobile pallet changer for replacements of loads. The machine features include two rubber-covered side compactors, that keep the product steady while the pallet is taken out from below and replaced.

Toppy Side Press meets with the European and American standard assuring the utmost hygiene and cleanliness. This Mobile pallet changer without turning pays special attention to the GMPs and the replacement of the pallets is up to 1000 kg.


  • Can replace pallets up to 1000 kg
  • No height limitation for the pallet
  • Pallet changing does not require turning the load
  • Includes two rubber-covered side compactors